Beyond Boundaries assists aspiring applicants in applying to USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Finland, Netherlands and Norway for the Master's and Doctorate Degree in various disciplines.

Masters degree appicants approach us beginning their 3rd year or post the completion of a Bachelors degree, depending on their personal preference. We work with each applicant to identify their strengths, weaknesses, preferences, aspirations and accordingly provide consulting. 

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If the applicant is based out of the city or country, we can still assist the applicants with the complete application and visa processing.

Beyond Boundaries offers two types of consulting packages to the prospective Masters/PhD applicants.



  • Profile assessment and creating a timeline
  • Tests registration
  • University selection
  • Drafting three customized recommendation letters
  • Guidance in preparing transcripts
  • Resume editing and finalizing
  • Application form checking
  • Editing essay/s
  • Financial documents preparation
  • Financial aid or scholarship form filling, checking and preparation of relevant documents (if required)
  • Additional score reporting assistance
  • Guidance in preparing application packages
  • Evaluating admissions and assisting in finalization of the university
  • Assistance in obtaining the I-20, insurance and on-campus housing


  • Assessing financial and visa profile
  • Providing list of documents needed
  • Verifying financial situation and providing recommendations accordingly
  • Verifying the financial documents
  • Assistance in scheduling visa appointment
  • Visa mock interview


If the applicant needs our assistance in specific parts of the process, Beyond Boundaries offers customized package to suit the needs:

  • University selection and grading
  • Drafting customized recommendation letters
  • Personal statement essay editing
  • Topical essay/s editing
  • Resume building, editing and finalizing
  • Application forms filling
  • Application forms checking
  • Academic documents preparation
  • Financial documents preparation
  • FAFSA form filling and checking for US citizens and Green Card holders only (USA Specific)
  • Visa process

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