• Nikhil Patel

    I am very grateful to Binita Parekh for her massive support and guidance in obtaining an admit in University of California, Irvine. She helped me through all the steps, from choosing my course to preparing for my visa. 

    Binita is very organized and has put in a lot of effort in in every small detail and makes sure nothing is missing. She is aware of exactly what needs to be done and how. Her deadlines have been a boon. She keeps a track of our work and makes sure it is done in time. Also, she has cleared all my doubts and explained very patiently.

    My parents too have loved working with her as she has answered all their queries during the visa process. Her mock interviews have been a great confidence boost for the real one.

    Binita is not just a consultant but a very good friend who has been very comforting and always reassuring that our dreams will come true. I had an amazing experience working with her and I strongly recommend her for all the students who wish to study abroad. 


    Nikhil Patel 

    University of California Irvine

  • Shweta Nair

    Firstly I would start with a big heartfelt Thank You to Binita, you have played an enormous part in me realizing my dreams of doing my Masters. 

    Just when everything was looking down for me I got a friends recommendation to consult you in regards with me pursuing my Masters and to this day I am glad I listened to him. The guidance, support and unwavering encouragement I got from you has been phenomenal. The individualistic touch you give to each of the students that comes to you is very commendable and I for one am grateful that you calmly got me through my various stages of panic attacks :). With you based out of Bangalore and me in Mumbai did make communicating difficult and we did not really get to have  many face to face conversations, but I can without a doubt say that my early morning emails and late night phone calls were promptly answered and looked into.

    Right from going over my profile, looking up and shortlisting universities to perfecting the final draft of my SOP and any final details to the applications, you were meticulous in ensuring I get it all right. Even after the applications were sent and the decisions received, right until the completion of the visa process and me actually arriving in the US, your help and advise has been crucial. 

     Once again Thank you Binita, Thank you Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting.



    Shweta Nair

    University of Cincinnati

  • Shashank C

    I would like to thank Binita in the first place who has helped me accomplish my dream of pursuing Masters in US.

    I went through online portals about the procedures and formalities as it looked quite intricate then I decided to join consulting firm for help, few of my friends told me the downside of going to consulting firms as they recommend colleges where they have tie ups with or it’s a waste of money and so on. Here I had an entirely different experience opposite of what my friends had suggested. The process started by building the profile, writing SOP, repeated checks on applications filled and also ensured that there are no mistakes. Also clarified me with each and every query I had with the application and documentation that I need to prepare. Regular monitoring on the application deadline helped me to submit my application prior to deadlines.

    I received admits from multiple universities and for this it’s the work which Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting had done for me. Lastly not to forget repeated Mock interviews conducted by Binita was really helpful to me to face the actual one.


    Shashank C

    University of Texas Dallas

  • Sushmita P

    For me Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting is a boon. Due to the guidance and support from them I have reached very close to my goal. The journey would have been very tough without the guidance provided by Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting. My consultant, Ms. Binita Parekh made my each and every step towards the admission; a cup of tea. She helped me to keep myself positive and follow the admission process steps.

    I am a fall 2016 batch of Masters in Biotechnology and Management. Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting and Binita Parekh was my mentor for the entire decisions I have taken regarding my education in abroad. She showed me the correct path to step into and because of Binita Parekh I have got admission in University of Delaware with scholarship.

    Everything fell in place for me. My SOP was fantastic. My hard work and her effort gave me excellent results. Ms. Binita Parekh is the best counselor who helped me right from the start and till I got the admission in the university and visa.

    She dedicated herself to find the best for me and she worked on my profile, resume and data.

    I would like to recommend anyone who is planning for abroad studies and for any kind of courses.

    Thank you,

    Sushmita Paul

    University of Delaware 

  • Vignesh P

    Ms. Binita Parekh was referred to us by a family friend.  We approached her with some degree of trepidation as it was well-nigh impossible to navigate through the abundance of information  available as to where and how to go about selecting a University abroad which would fit in with our requirements and constraints.

    Ms. Binita Parekh guided us through the entire process with clarity and sanguineness.  She is a thorough professional both well informed and knowledgeable. She has an in depth knowledge on all aspects of the courses available and suitable for a student as well as the various formalities to be fulfilled. We have at times disturbed her at odd hours with our doubts. But to her credit she answered all our doubts with patience and good cheer.

    Our son, Vignesh, has secured a seat in the prestigious New York University Tandon School of Engineering and we have much to thank her for providing excellent guidance through the entire process.

    We are totally satisfied with her services and would highly recommend her to those who would like a hassle free and smooth passage for studies abroad.

    We wish her the very best in her future endeavours.



    Ramesh P. (Parent)

  • Tejaswini K

    I didn’t know the procedure to apply to the US universities and the entire procedure that requires to pursue an MS. Vareesha suggested me to Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting.

    You are the one who helped from initial stage i.e., college selection to final destination i.e., visa approval by building confidence when I lost hope in MS as I got rejected twice because of my nervousness. The LORs and SOP were edited so well that no consultant will do such a good work. You have taken more than 10 mock visa interviews for me.

    Thank you so much for your patience Binita Parekh and helped me reach my goal and motivated me when I gave up the dream of MS.

    I don’t have words to express my feelings about you and about this journey from university selection to visa approval.

    This is the turning point of my life, I am the first one in my family going for MS.

    You are the one of the most wonderful persons I have met.  You will be always be in my heart truly, Thanks is a small word for you Binita Parekh.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Tejaswini Koduri

    Georgia State University 

  • Siddharth Jawahar


    I am Fall 2015 applicant. I initially thought of applying to the universities  myself and had written a draft of my SOP. But I could not judge how good my SOPs were, which universities were within reach and had numerous doubts with the online application portals. I needed guidance but was skeptical to go for a consultancy service considering the stories going around about unsatisfied students. BUT  Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting is definitely an exception. With well qualified professionals, they provided the right service for the job. Right from the selecting universities to the final visa interview Ms. Binita was always there with those timely emails and phone calls which made this tedious process a very simple one. And she is great at reviewing and editing of documents so you are in safe hands and have a good chance of getting into your dream university provided you have a decent profile.

    I would recommend this service to any of my juniors applying abroad.


    Georgia Tech


  • Kainaz Pardilwalla

    The university of your choice no longer remains a \'dream to fulfill\' when your working in tandem with Binita Parekh and team at Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting, Bangalore.

    Her advice, guidance and dedication will take u where you want to see yourself.. She works on you.. She works on your profile and she knows how to formulate your story.. She brands you aptly.. Just the way the university wants to see its prospective student.. She gives the university and its admission panel what they are looking for.. She makes u a perfect match for your university of choice .. That is an achievement !

    It\'s best to leave it to the professionals.. (And trust me, you can\'t get anyone better than Binita at her job) ..who are not only experienced but are so familiar with the requirements and procedures that it becomes second nature for them to advise you.. 

    Good luck to students who seek other educational consultancies .. And congratulations to students who are with Binita ! I know they will get their preferred universities anyway.. Just the way I did.. :) 

    Cheers ! 

    Kainaz Pardiwalla

    George Washington University - Fall 2015


    The sole reason to encourage me and give me the confidence to do Masters Degree is Ms. Binita. I thank her for everything she did for me during the process till I got my passport in hand with the visa stamped on it.

    I am a 2014 graduate, did not know whether I should pursue a Masters degree or no. I did not know what is required or the procedure to apply to any university. I researched about the requirements for the admissions to the universities and also how to apply to it. It seemed all scary initially. I decided to seek help. I had so many consultancies in mind but which one to choose? Without any intention of joining immediately, I took an appointment with Ms. Binita to know the procedure and about the consultancy. She made it so clear about the process and also made me recognize what I wanted to do that I visited her again with my mum . My mum is always worried if I do things in the right order. My mum was more than happy to take Ms. Binita’s help as she felt I was in safe hands.

    From choosing which university to apply , SOP’s , Letter of recommendation, filling up the university application, visa process to mock interviews, each and every thing was taken care by Ms. Binita. She took care of every process that took me to get into some of the best universities.

    My parents were very happy with the service provided by Beyond Boundaries. Initially my parents were doubtful to seek any help from any consultancy. After interacting with many friends and meeting Ms. Binita personally they were sure about this consultancy so that I receive the best help possible to get admissions into some of the best universities.

    I personally was very happy and satisfied with the service that I received. Ms. Binita was more than a friend to me who shaped my career to the best and helped to reach to the stage that I deserve. My parents and I thank Ms. Binita from the bottom of our hearts and wish her all best to continue the work that she is been doing. We will definitely recommend Beyond Boundaries to our friends. All the best!! Cheers!!

     Kavya B

    San Jose State University - Fall 2015


    ‘Professional’, ‘Thoughtful’ and ‘Thorough’ are a few adjectives I would use to describe Ms. Binita Parekh and her Consultancy.

    There was no doubt in my mind about what I wanted to do next after Engineering, but I had absolutely no insight of what it would take to get there. While I was listening to varied opinion on whether or not to avail assistance from a consulting agency, I did a self introspection of all the processes that needed to get done - Picking colleges, filling out application forms, writing my statement of purpose, drafting recommendations, obtaining the bank certificate, applying for an I20 and finally, the visa process. Everything seemed so overwhelming. Where was I to begin? On what basis do I shortlist colleges? Does my profile fit the trend of intakes in a particular college? And a billion more questions flooded my mind.

    Finally, I decided to seek guidance from a counseling service. But then again, which one? Upon personally witnessing the assistance received by my friend, I found her consultancy, Beyond Boundaries, providing the best of services to its students.

    Ms. Binita is meticulous in what she does. She helped me shortlist colleges not just based on the college ranking and my profile, but also based on my current field of interest and aspiring career path. We exchanged innumerable mails and phone calls regarding the applications, applying for college transcripts and drafting the SOP & recommendations. I must say, Ms. Binita has been very prompt in responding and adds a personal touch to everything that she does. She would pay extra attention to details and kept a track of my progress. She met personally with my parents to break down the whole procedure to them, and helped them sort the finances required for my education. All our hard work payed off, when I received an acceptance from the University of Pennsylvania, my dream college. Ms. Binita was as excited as me upon hearing the decision. But we weren’t done yet. It wasn’t until I got my Visa approved that Ms. Binita, finally, gave a sigh of relief.

    I have been thanking my stars ever since the time I have met Ms. Binita Parekh, for I could not have asked for a better mentor, to help me through the entire process of applying for Masters in the US, than her. I am extremely grateful to Ms. Binita Parekh and to Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting for helping me achieve my dream.

    Thank you, Binita. I hope to make you proud!


    Archana R

    University of Pennsylvania - Fall 2015

  • Anjana Pisharody

    I am extremely grateful to Ms. Binita Parekh of Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting for being very instrumental to obtain admission for Post-graduate course in Fine Arts in one of the best schools in the US; it was my dream to get into this particular School of Fine Arts.

    Ms. Binita Parekh was very helpful right from researching the courses and Universities, and provided excellent guidance through close monitoring of the entire process. I strongly her recommend her to anyone wishing to pursue higher education in the US.

    Anjana Pisharody (student)
    Post-Professional Degree - Studio Fine Arts


    We engaged the services of Ms. Binita Parekh of ‘Beyond Boundaries’ Education Consulting for our daughter on the recommendations of some of our friends whose children had been successfully herded into some of the most reputed Universities in the US. Prior to that we had evaluated several others in the education counseling space but were more impressed by Ms. Parekh’s credentials, experience and track record.

    True to her standing and reputation, Ms. Parekh was hugely instrumental in helping our daughter in obtaining admission into the University of her first choice. We found her to be very sincere, dedicated and accessible at all times throughout the various stages of the application process. She literally held her hand throughout till the student visa processing stage providing very valuable guidance and advice.

    Jeevan K. Pisharody & Shobana Pisharody (parents)

  • Simran

    Even the most difficult roads can be traversed with ease, provided the right guidance is offered.

    Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting, headed by Ms. Binita Parekh have been the ones that offered me that guidance, which helped me cross the difficult process of applying for MS in US with ease.

    When I first decided on applying for MS in US, I was baffled by the many things to do. I finally decided to take the help of a consultancy and a friend told me about Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting. I have never been baffled again. Starting right from  drafting of the University list, to filling applications and applying for my visa, Binita has guided me step by step.

    The best part about Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting is that they believe in giving personal attention to each student. Most other foreign education consultancies just offer counseling to a horde of students and also baby sit them by filling their forms for them. However, here at Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting, I was given personal attention and the universities that I applied to were decided upon after careful consideration of my profile. I also filled out my forms on my own, with help from Binita, which helped me understand the application process in greater depth. What makes Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting different is that they focus in depth on student\\\'s needs and makes sure that the student is a part of the application process too.

    Being a student from a middle class background, I never thought I would be able to afford education at a prestigious university like University of Pennsylvania. However, Binita  took note of my good profile and brought out the best in me and my profile.  She also told me about financial options that I never knew existed. She opened up a world of opportunities to me.

    Waiting for the decisions from universities was the most nerve wracking part not only for me, but also for Binita. Every time I got an admit, it was not only me who was jumping with joy. The visa process was the last obstacle to be crossed and it seemed very intimidating. However Binita broke down the whole process into simple steps for me and it was as easy as a hot knife cutting through butter.

    Opting for Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting was the best decision I made during the application procedure. They are a class apart from the other options that are available in the same field.  I thank Binita for doing such a great job.

    Thank you for believing in me, and for being more of a friend than just a professional counselor. I don\\\'t think I would have landed up in an ivy league university without your help.

    Thanks a lot!

    MS - Biotechnology

  • Aditya R

    Few of my friends shared with me the horrors of going to consulting firms such as they recommend colleges where they have tie ups with or it’s a waste of money and you end up doing all the work anyways and so on. Undeterred by this I still decided to go for consulting as I had lack of time having decided to pursue masters very late. In my very first meet with Binita Parekh all my misgivings were proved unfounded as she was a cool professional who listened to all my requirements and gave me the confidence that I am in good hands. I decided to take her help and it was the best decision I made.

    The arduous journey of applying to colleges started in earnest. One of the first step was to build my profile on paper. This is where the magic happened where what I considered to be an average profile was transformed to a good one by her attention to detail and a knack of bringing out hidden talents. I genuinely feel that this made all the difference in me securing the admits that I did eventually. Throughout the process she was there to guide me and made it a very smooth experience.

    I would recommend everyone considering for education overseas to go through Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting as I am sure that they will get their dream admits. 


    Aditya R
    MS - MIS

  • Raghav R

    As I started to read online about the formalities and procedures, I realized that there were lot of intricacies and there was a jarring need for some professional help. I was convinced after a initial meet with Ms. Binita Parekh that I would get the right guidance.

    The professional help that I obtained from Beyond Boundaries, is ineffable. The long 16-17 page applications suddenly seemed very easy and rudimentary to fill up. The process looked crystal clear and once daunting-looking task suddenly seemed simple. I was happy that the counselor was available at any time, and I could get in touch as and when I sought guidance or faced some difficulties. The follow up\\\'s ensured that I completed all my applications efficiently and submitted them on time.

    Upon receiving multiple admits from top-notch universities I was uncertain over which university to choose and I was given the pros and cons of each of those options at beyond Boundaries Edu. This is yet another factor I personally enjoyed cause on each decision or each issue I was explained the positives and negatives but the finally decision was always mine. There was no pressure on me to apply or not to a particular university and accept or reject a particular admit.

    The VISA process was as smooth as the other application process and here. I am with my F1 stamped ready to spread my wings and fly crossing a lot of miles to live a dream, a dream I have been dreaming for long. So I am happy and proudly a part of Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting.


    Raghav R
    MS - MIS

  • Sneha

    I take this opportunity to thank and convey my gratitude to Binita Ma'am of Beyond Boundaries Education Consulting, the person who has helped me accomplish my dream of pursuing Masters in US. At first I was skeptical whether I would be able to make it to any of the good universities. But, you believed in me and my profile and encouraged me every time when I felt let down with the applications.

    You were a guide in true sense, especially your quality of being able to help even at odd hours from others. My experience with you was indeed amazing. I feel you had a very significant role to play for helping me start a new journey of Masters. Many thanks once again Ma'am for your efforts and guidance.

    You hold a very very special place in my life. you were not only a counselor to me but way more than that. I am really glad, I was under your guidance. Thanks a lot for everything. Thank you so much. 
    Will miss you loads.

    Keep in touch.
    Masters - MIS

  • Bali

    Hey Binita,

    I'm getting closer to moving into UMass, I just wanted to thank you again for everything you've done! I'll definitely recommend your expertise to any of the kids who are about to start the college apps in my highschool! I wouldn't have had such a streamlined approach to my college apps if it weren't for you and I just want to thank you for all your help! 

    Bachelors degree - Fall 2013

  • Vinod

    Hi Binita,

    From all of us here, a big and warm, heartfelt Thank You !

    Bali is all set and raring to go....we leave for Boston mid Aug to also spend time with my son and we'll be back mid September.

    You have been really amazing in clearly outlining the process for us, diligent and meticulous in your follow up and brought the best out of Bali.

    For Gayatri and me , you epitomize the best that India has to offer and all that is safe and well with the next generation :)

    We look forward to seeing you sometime in Dubai...do come and stay with us,

    Thanks again,
    Best Regards,

  • Harshil

    Welcoming as the US may be to the international students, the process of getting there is quite tedious and long. Having a guide like Binita from Beyond Boundaries has helped me immensely in the process of successfully securing an admission for a Masters in Industrial Pharmacy program at Long Island University, New York. 

    Right from helping me in choosing the correct Universities to guiding me through the immense formalities and paperwork that go in making a complete package to the Universities, I have derived greatly from your experiences in these matters. You were precise in delivering the necessary information, which was up-to-date, and also made the whole process quite easy through your step-by-step guidance, making the complex process uncluttered.
    Your guidance through the Visa procedures and the ‘mock interviews’ really helped me a lot in reducing my anxiety and perform well. I found you easily approachable and genuine in your efforts towards helping me reach my goal.  Choosing you for counseling was a wise step.

    Masters Industrial Pharmacy

  • Shlok K

    I approached Binita to help me with an MBA course suitable to me (I was not keen to wait for 4 years and then apply with work-experience). When I approached Binita, what impressed me the most was her keenness to know me and my aspirations. She even met and spoke at length to my parents so that she could understand me better. Going abroad for an MBA is a milestone for anyone aged 22 years and she really researched well and came up with good viable permutations and combinations tailor made for my needs. She even went into my background - financial and economical, found out my future goals and then gave me options of colleges across the globe.

    The entire process, right from the moment I decided to do an MBA, till I finally get my visa is a very tedious and long drawn out one. Binita was with me every step of the way, pushed me to do better in my GMAT, helped me in choosing the colleges, helped me prepare for the admission interviews, helped me with the visa applications and the visa interviews - She would mail me a questionnaire and even take a mock interview for the same. This helped me like nothing else did and I was very confident during all interviews.

    My parents and I had met a few counselors but ultimately zeroed in on Binita. We are really happy with decision.

    Shlok K
    CUNY Baruch - MBA